We are hosting a Garden Party at 1pm - 4pm.  The garden has been recently renovated, changing it from an inaccessible place to a safe and happy place for Elliot to play in.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone that has supported and fundraised for us since June 2011. 

Having an accessible and safe garden will enhance Elliots life so much - he enjoys being outdoors so much and there are some sensory additions that will keep him stimulated!!




Big thanks to the lovely Director at for allowing me (Elliots Mum) to add some news items to the website!!!!

First big news is that Elliot's story was on Germany TV (RTV) earlier this week... not sure what/how it all looks, hopefully we`ll have a copy and link it here somewhere!!

You can see the film on One Big Tickle`s page on Facebook or click here

10th August 2013

Exciting news.... work has started to take place in the garden of the Elands!!!! Probably another 3 or 4 skips to go before the ground is level though.




One Big Tickle